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Famous People Who Self-Publish

  • William Blake
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Samuel (Mark Twain) Clemens
  • Alexander Dumas
  • Zane Grey
  • James Joyce
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Tom Clancy
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Carl Sandberg


What many people are unaware of is that several small publishers produce small newsletters and journals. These range from weekly to monthly, to quarterly to semi-annually. They provide advice, support, and initiatives with promotional efforts by listing services and featuring individual works of the small press or self-published authors.

Some people say as many as 70,000 small presses are around. Of course many of those are very tiny operations. Despite their size, collectively, they comprise a formidable group.

The Need for Small Publishers

In the Beginning

Originally, all great authors were self-published. It was the nature of the business. With the rise of large commercial publihsng houses over the turn of the century, (the twentieth century), opportunities for authors had dwindled until only a few prominent names were left.

A Daunting Task

Today, trying to join the ranks of those few is a daunting task. With the advent of technology, a number of small presses are emerging to fill the void. Many of these concerns use the internet for advertising, promotion, and sales. Of course businesses will always try to compete any way they can.

Concrete Jungle Press shares a unique position to fill an important niche overlooked by big, commercial publishers. It is the duty of the small press to offer its readers something more engaging than thrillers or special effects action. Fortunately, many organizations have emerged to support the work of small publishers. Links to these are located all over this site.

Tell It Like a Story

Our goal is to rekindle the spirit of old-fashioned story-telling to a depth once bestowed upon by such great classics as Sabrina, Rear Window and Little House on the Prairie, just to name a few. The art of story telling is making a comeback.

The Nature of the Small Press

Small press operations are as diverse as people, ranging from a modest basement operation in which the proprietor prints booklets and newsletters on a home-based printer, to a totally autonomous, professional, in-house operation. Most small publishers send out their copy to printers. Many operate on the low end rather than the high end because everyone would like to get into the act. That kind of pressure makes the whole publishing industry more competitive. Is it good for business? Who has a crystal ball? However, all the effort and excitement generated by the scramble for success is definitely beneficial to the reader.

One of the most difficult aspects of the small press is to gain recognition. Unknown weriters are constantly struggling to geet reviews. Again, the big players do not want to touch them. Does this mean that unknown writers operating with unknown small presses can expect to be left out of the business?

To fill this important gap someone brave enough to stand up to the big boys had to risk a reputation by forging a link between unknown writers and reputable publishers. This link needed to engage the unknown publisher and self-published authors so that they would be given an equitable chance to make their debut. Why not just "hire" a reviewer? Indeed, someone has done just that. ForeWord CLARION Reviews was created to address this problem.


Other Do-It-Yourselfers

Self-publishing does not have to be limited to book production. Indeed, those who strongly believe in their creations are willing to invest their own time, money, and effort.

In Recent times

The story of the I Love Lucy show is a perfect example. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz created their own production company, Desilu Productions, which put their wonderful ideas of situation comedy into vibrant action.

Yester Year

Shakespeare was a do-it-yourselfer, creating his own props, posing as his own characters in his own plays, which he directed.

Others Who Thrived

Some movie stars have decided to pull an entire production together just because they can. They included their extraordinary skills of acting, writing, directing and producing.

Self-Made People

Many multitalented artists took part in drama creation, but few did it all.

Here are some

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Woody Allen
  • Patric Stewart

Just to name a few

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