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Support Available for the Small Press

Much support is available for those who choose to circumvent commercial publishers. This means support targeted for the small press or self-published authors. Visit Span.Org

As the world advances into the twenty-first century, more support will be available for the small press. Look for new industries that depend on the development of small presses.

About the Publisher

Concrete Jungle Press was established to address the demands of old-fashion story tellling without the necessity of gun play or a chase scene with every character, in every scene. Although such scenes are exciting, they lack the fundamental plot elements of intrigue and drama. In real life people don't go about chasing each other with guns and encountering giant explosions around every corner. Real life has drama, the kind of nail-biting, mind-curling drama that draws you into the story. Gripping struggles that put a person's integrity against his beliefs, that sizes up one's pride with one's fear, that promotes an individual's need for love in the presence of hate, that places powerful obstacles in the paths of achievement. In a humanistic sense, people are merely trying to be people by grappling with the troubles of daily life. Just knowing that someone is facing a formidable situatinon in which there is no easy solution is enough to keep a reader interested in the story's progress and ultimate resolution.

This is not to say that action stories should not be told. Who hasn't enjoyed the marvelous adventures of Indiana Jones or was struct with fascination with James Bond or horrified with monster movies such as King Kong for that matter? Everything has its place, and action need not dominate every element of every tale. There was a simpler time when the plot was the centerpiece of a story. Gone with the Wind, The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Little House on the Prairie. The list goes on. The point is that good fiction does not need a gun prop in every scene to maintain the reader's attention. It is the uncertainty of how we feel that compels us to want to find out what happens in the plot. No prop can ever supercede that need.

Conctrete Jungle Press hopes to bring new life to the small press. In recent years, large publishing houses have dominated the industry, destroying the efforts of many creative artists. In a forum hostile to anyone unable to support high profits, the need to circumvent this monopoly has never been more urgent.

The Staggering Cost of Publication

Another daunting factor obstructing the quest to achieve publication is the staggering cost of producing a book. Between advertising and promotion, to say nothing about production, an aggressive marketing compaign for the small publisher is almost out of the question.

Living in the shadows of the market leaders is one of the road hazards of business. While no publisher wants to give away all the trade secrets to success, small publishers have the same resources as vast, commercial houses. The difference between the two is that while big concerns hire publicists, advertising agencies, etc., the small publisher has to do most of the legwork. The result of long hours of drudging through irrelevant details just to compile a working market scheme labors the small publisher beyond exhaustion.


Helpful Organizations

Here is a list of organizations standing ready to assist us in our journey.

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In addition, listing services help identify a publisher as belonging to a particular group.

Financial Help

Each small publisher must grapple with the exhorbitant cost of doing business. That is why many small publishers stay small. But there is hope for those who use their resources wisely. Use of special media, such as the internet, as well as special institutions such as schools and libraries support the small press.

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