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The years taught the villagers complacency, growing comfortable in the wake of an eveil curse. Now an outsider saw that he was needed to enlighten the people. But no one trusted him once the villagers believed they were deceived.

Madeleine would be forced to sacrifice her amore with the stranger because of her beliefs. And no one could predict the emptiness with which she would be faced in her solitude.

Here's an excerpt from The Carpenter of Auguliere

Then Gilbert looked up over the horse's mane and stared at Mrs. Teivel’s shop. Madeleine realized Gilbert had discovered something that bothered him, but she had to endure an agonizing waiting period until he felt ready to talk about it. As if seized by a curse, his expression changed from innocence to petulance. He halted the animals and stared at the shop.

“Now I see the connection,” Gilbert said.

“To the wood?” Madeleine asked.

“To the landlord,” Gilbert said. Madeleine remained puzzled, casting her head down. “Now I understand why her shop is brick…”

The excitement of rediscovering fear, anger, and hate with a backdrop of loss, reminds us that we are still human and still vulnerable

At last, an old-fashion story not based on sex or violence. In this remote village, the ageless struggles of good and evil never lost their grip.



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