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Touching the Sky by D. Wayne Dworsky. A book of Endearing Poetry ISBN 0-9749048-1-3. (This first edition has limited inventory) Perfect bound, 54 pages. $6.95 retail plus $2 shipping and handling. A poem for every mood, every temperament, every feeling, however subtle. Anger, hate, remorse, and fear are all captured in verse. Everyone can identify with those special whims the author has crafted. Thirty-seven lovely poems, many poems actually telling a story.

Praise: Queens Village poet narrates life, nature, death. Michael Morton, Queens Village Times

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Touching the Sky by D. Wayne Dworsky. A poetry CD read by the author. Running time 43:40. ISBN 0-9749048-3-x. $8.95 retail, plus $2 shipping and handling. Thirty-seven lovely poems embracing anger, hate, remorse, and fear, told in powerful verse. Many of these touching poems also tell a dramatic story.

The Teachers Always Write by D. Wayne Dworsky. A Book of quips. ISBN 0-9749048-0-5. Saddle-Stitched, 32 pages. $3.95 plus $1 shipping and handling. A pleasant Joke helps to break up classroom monotony. Some of these quips are down-right hilarious. Share the funny events this author helped create during his tenure as a teacher, laughing at the antics of student-teacher interactions that challenge your sanity.

The Carpenter of Auguliere by D. Wayne Dworsky. A novel. ISBN 0-974449048-2-1. 168 pages hard cover bound. $18.95 plus $4 shipping and handling.

The fate of the village lay in the hands of a stranger a stranger in whom the townspeople learned to distrust.

Madeleine, a beautiful young farm girl, finds her chance to escape the throes of the village slipping away because of the demands of her ailing father and the lack of support from her two tenebrous sisters. And in the shadows lurks a sinister being capable of destroying her life and sapping out what remained of the life of her dying father.

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About the Author, D. Wayne Dworsky

Although he grew up in New Jersey, D. Wayne Dworsky was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1944. He recognized his love of nature at a very young age. In 1980 he graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and launched his career in education in 1984 by teaching mathematics, which would span 21 years. Between 1983 and 1984 he achieved recognition in the Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunks as a first-class rock climber. In 1985 he climbed the Matterhorn. From 1978 to 1985 he served as editor of the newsletter put out by the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New York. In 1987 he received his Master's Degree from City College. In 2004 he retired from teaching and began to publish.

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